about us

We dream up and produce experiences that positively impact brand strategies and transform relationships between brands and people.

Our experiences are creative, scenographic, high-tech, innovative, press-worthy, phygital. They may be internal, external or both at once. They are always unique and custom-made.

we are integrated

Integration. OK, it may not be the sexiest word, but it’s a powerful principle.


We integrate all of our event-related skills and talents (strategic planning, content, creation, technical, production, logistics) and the various disciplines of the Havas Village (2500 people)  to make every event come alive digitally, socially, internally, and through media, PR and advertising.

Havas Village, integrating all professions around communications.

we are multilingual

Paris, NYC, Dubai, Shanghai, Milan, London, Brussels, Atlanta, Madrid and Moscow.


Havas Events has the very best (yes, like not just the best) international network of event management expertise, covering sports marketing, corporate, entertainment, street and retail.

we are a team of teams

Havas Events is a people-driven business. We believe in human kindness, in the collective spirit of solidarity, and in sharing to grow together.


Havas Events in Paris (… in Puteaux actually) gathers 100 talents who produce about 200 events a year. We are a real team of teams, among which 3 specific offerings : Havas Events Luxe, Havas Events Intérêt Général (General Interest) and Play with Havas Events.