Menhir Delivery

April 2019 - Paris

For its 30thbirthday, the Parc Astérix theme park created a brand new 4D attraction. Rather than an umpteenth advertising campaign, they wanted to promote it in an exciting, experiential way. Together, we came up with a street marketing campaign that rocked.


The new attraction was called “Attention Menhir!” – “Watch out for the Menhir!” – referring to the large standing stone that the super strong (but not so smart) character Obélix carries around. We thought: what if we asked Obélix to launch the news of the attraction – but he got confused and actually launched a series of menhirs instead?

On 1 April 2019, a few days before the attraction opened, pedestrians and commuters in Lyon, Nantes and Lille woke up to an odd sight. A giant stone was sticking out of the sidewalk and surrounded by rubble, as though it had fallen from the sky. In Paris, a menhir pierced the hood of a car, looking like the vehicle had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mounted on the back of a truck, the car was driven around the city for maximum exposure. Like the other installations, it was wrapped in crime scene tape, covered with the hashtag #attentionmenhir.


The menhirs were unmissable. Quickly, they became breaking news. Passersby gasped, laughed and took selfies. The event made TV news bulletins and received more than 7 million Instagram impressions. (The best photos won free passes to Parc Astérix.) At noon, the theme park announced that the stones were an April Fools’ trick.


Though Parc Astérix did not spend a single Sesterce on advertising, the stunt became a national sensation and “Attention Menhir” arrived with a bang.



Press coverage from numerous media outlets

407,000 tweets

7.26 million Instagram impressions

571,000 people reached by stories and influencers