Launch of the new Citroën #AMI

February 2020 - Paris La Défense Arena

On Thursday, February 27, Havas Events hosted the reveal of the new Citroën #AMI, a 100% electric car.

An XXL playground was created in the largest stadium in Europe (5000m2), the Paris La Défense Arena, to present the newest, and smallest city car. The event welcomed international press over 2 days to discover this new vehicle.

The reveal itself only lasted 2min30, with the cars arriving from behind the screen and driving around the guests. Meanwhile the music group Matenka, with singer Candice Parise, were playing live. It was the music that can be heard in the ad, made during this occasion!

Within the Arena there were also multiple workshops with speakers at each: 1 workshop for the offer, 1 for the product and 1 for the design of the car.

There were also 2 food corners. The idea was to transcribe a very urban space that resembled the car and its future setting.


We are proud to have accompanied Citroën for this launch.