E-Mehari Launch

May 2016 - Paris Bastille

Beach Baby

While France’s students were rioting in May 1968, Citroën launched the Mehari, a symbol of this free-spirited era. In 2016 Citroën unveiled the new electric E-Mehari. And though the times were different, Citroën wanted to stir up as much excitement and capture the same light-hearted spirit as when its forerunner came out nearly 50 years earlier.

The idea was to make reference to May ’68 and the famous slogan “Sous les pavés la plage” (under the paving stones lies the beach), so we created a giant beach in the heart of Paris, covering the Place de la Bastille with sand and outfitting it with a volleyball court, a mechanical surfboard, lounge chairs, pétanque, a DJ and more. While there, people were invited to test drive the E-Mehari. And to pique interest before the event, E-Meharis were put in several autolib’ stations.

This unexpected universe in an urban milieu attracted Parisians’ attention and helped them to see the E-Mehari as not just another car but an emblem of something cool, upbeat and rebellious.


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