The Content Festival

Fuel for Ideas

August 2018 - Polpo - Paris

The Content Festival by Havas Events turns two!

“Fuel For Ideas” is what the Content Festival is all about. Its second edition, on the theme “Ahead”, brought together speakers from the group and beyond, including the editorial director of Usbek&Rica.

There are ideas everywhere and we believe it’s important to pool and share them, especially in our business. The Content Festival, launched a year ago by Havas Events’ Content Kitchen, returned for a second edition. This year, around a central theme of “Ahead” with a capital A, inspiring content and talks invited attendees to look further ahead and project themselves into the future.

Thierry Keller, Editorial Director of Usbek & Rica magazine kicked off the event with a talk entitled Amourabout love and how it evolves in society. This topic speaks to us all, especially at a time of consumerisation of feelings and their new algorithms.

No future without Agriculturewas the topic of the discussion between Maxime De Rostolanand Benoît Bellonga, two key players in Agriculture of the future.


The Adventure continued with David Mignot, CEO of the Canal+ Afrique Group,whotold us about his own adventure on a continent which is growing rapidly. French comedian Alexandra Pizzagalitold her story on the subject during the Ahahah set.

Next up was the spotlight on jobs with Sébastien Emeriau, Strategic Planning Director of Havas Media talking to us about Advertising; Christelle Graillot, Director of Talent Management at Vivendi explaining her job as a headhunter and finally Olivier Picartand Pascal Jacques-Gustaveon the future of automatic video.

The WaxParty on an Africa theme closed the festival and – very nearly – capsized Polpo’s barge!