High voltage Tunes

2019 - Paris

Producing electricity might sound like it’s humdrum – but we showed it can be electrifying.

In November 2018, the Usine Extraordinaire (Extraordinary Factory) turned the Grand Palais into a life-size factory in the heart of Paris. Several companies came to show the general public what happens behind the scenes at their factories, hoping to spark their interest and attract youth to jobs in French industry.

On the third afternoon of the event, the electricity provider EDF offered visitors a one-of-a-kind experience: a live concert featuring sounds from the company’s factories.

It was performed by the French artist Jacques, who composes electronic music by recording the sounds of ordinary objects. For three days, Jacques toured EDF factories around France, gathering the noises of everything he saw and heard, from the clink of metal to the whir of wind turbines – all typical sounds of electricity production.

Onstage at the Grand Palais, wearing an EDF uniform and a hard hat, Jacques used these sounds to compose a one-hour musical creation on the spot. A huge crowd of all ages filled the immense space under the dome – listening, dancing and sharing their impressions on social media. Power companies might not be known for making cool music, but this audience got a major charge out of EDF’s electric vibes.