Kinder chocolate and birthday cake

2019 - Paris

When Kinder turned 50 in 2018, the same year it was elected “French families’ favourite brand,” the popular chocolate-maker decided to celebrate with the families who have loved its products for half a century. This delectable idea was the basis for “Kinder Family Live,” the first birthday festival for a brand created with (and for!) the families of employees and devoted fans.

The event started a month in advance, with a teaser on Kinder’s Facebook page inviting fans to help decide what kind of party it should be. We asked: what musical playlist do you want? What games and workshops? How should the venue be decorated? What kind of birthday cake? The celebration was collaborative from start to finish, custom-made with Kinder’s extended family.

On the big day, more than 5,000 partygoers showed up at the Kindarena stadium in Rouen, Normandy, home of the company’s French headquarters.


They spent the afternoon at a party 100 percent devoted to families, with a performance by comedian Elie Semoun, a blind musical test, sports activities, makeup workshops and an enormous cake baked by celebrity chef Gregory Cohen. Fifty artists took the stage, and the day ended on a high note with a show by hip hop duo Bigflo and Oli – the first live concert for many of the kids, compliments of Kinder.


So that as many people as possible could experience this giant birthday party, we filmed a commercial starring one of the families and showing the event through their eyes. All agreed there was no sweeter way to celebrate.


Kpis :

900 total mentions of #kinderfamilylive, #Kinder50, #Kinder50Ferrerian

12,000 social media interactions

Social media reach : 5M the day of the event, nearly 13M in all

58,000 Instagram story followers

400+ print and digital articles