Krug World Festival

2016, 2017 - Roma, Reims

Pop the cork.

Feeling that its annual press presentation of Grande Cuvée Champagne needed a little fizz, how to come up with an event that would appeal to both wine and lifestyle journalists ? In 2016 the first Krug World Festival was planned in Rome, followed in 2017 by an event in Reims.

Each adventure was conceived as a journey in three acts that gradually revealed the house’s history and sparkling DNA. Journalists tipped their glasses to the house’s iconic bottle while learning how to combine Champagne with food, art and music.

In Rome, it included a cooking workshop with ingredients from the Campo de Fiori market, a musical collaboration between the cellar master and a beatboxer, and a multisensory dinner in a cloister, with music by Beardyman and the singer Keziah Jones.

After this “local lifestyle” festival in Italy, the challenge was to adapt the event to Krug’s home in 2017. Olivier Krug welcomed the group to Reims, where they toured the cellars and ate a gourmet barbeque perched in the trees. A musical atelier featured jazz pianist Jacky Terrasson asking the journalists to sing and combining their voices like the blending of Champagne. Dinner was a lyrical feast with dishes by a three-star chef and performances by three musicians.

The bubbly flowed with the promise of future events in other places, celebrating the perfect pairings of Champagne, food and music.