2016 November 22nd - Paris


  • Communication et Entreprise 2017

  • Communication et Entreprise 2017

  • Grand Prix Stratégies de la Communication Événementielle 2017

  • Grand Prix Stratégies de la Communication Corporate 2017

  • Grand Prix de la Créativité RH 2017

Inside Job

Students know that LVMH is a great place to pursue careers but only few realise that LVMH offers a wealth of careers involving innovation, from design to craftsmanship. To attract more engineering students and other graduates in hot demand, the group needed a convincing way to prove this fact.

“Inside LVMH” is a totally new approach to sourcing talent and building relationships, an immersive experience that takes place in one day and around one theme: innovation in luxury.

During Inside LVMH, the students experienced the day in three stages. In the morning they visited 16 Houses, seeing the different career possibilites and how innovation is part of the Houses’ DNA. An afternoon workshop challenged them to pitch innovative solutions to theoretical problems. At the end of the day, they attended a masterclass led by CEO Bernard Arnault and Human Resources Director Chantal Gaemperle at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, the place which embodies LVMH’s innovation.

The operation started a month in advance, with a travelling video booth on European university campuses – engineering, business and design universities and schools – where students recorded a one-minute video pitch sharing their point of view about innovation in luxury. More than 1,000 candidates applied from 21 prestigious schools, and 220 were chosen.

As one student noted, it was a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity, and proof that LVMH is a real class act.


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