CrossClimate Launch

March 2015 - Geneva


  • Top Com Corporate Business 2016

Reinventing the wheel.

Snow, rain, hot tar—the CrossClimate can handle every weather condition. When Michelin created the first tyre certified for all types of weather, it deserved a launch as revolutionary as the product. The trick was to show that Michelin was a pioneering innovator and show the tyre’s competitive advantages even before the public had a chance to test it in real-life conditions.

The event was thought to be immersive, fully augmented and in three parts over five weeks starting during the Geneva auto show. It announced, then demonstrated the tyre’s innovative technology.

It began with a live presentation to 2,000 guests and livestreamed on YouTube, where Michelin CEO Jean-Dominique Senard unveiled the tyre in a spectacular decor. A giant virtual tyre appeared on a road running down the middle of the audience, while a video mapping show displayed how the tyre responded to changing meteorological conditions.

Afterwards, journalists were invited to drive cars equipped with normal tyres on a circuit, where they experienced road conditions in sun, snow, rain and dry weather. They subsequently drove the same circuit in a car equipped with CrossClimate tyres, to feel the difference for themselves and share their impressions on a connected questionnaire.

An augmented showroom hosted workshops and let people test the tyre with VR headsets.

The resulting press and social media buzz, in Europe and beyond, proved that this event was a trailblazer.


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