Hello Show

2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 - Paris


  • Heavents Awards 2013

  • EuBEA 2013

  • Top Com Corporate Business 2013

Hello! What’s new?

In 2012, as competition in the telecommunications sector was growing increasingly fierce, Orange wanted to establish its position as number one in technological innovation. The live “Hello Show” was thus created to highlight the company’s leadership.

The show took place in one site, on one day, and was performed twice: in the morning for an external audience of journalists and influencers, and in the afternoon for an internal audience, boosting employee engagement and pride.

CEO Stéphane Richard presented the company’s latest innovations onstage, after which guests tested them in an interactive showroom. Thanks to immersive, state-of-the-art technology, the staging was as striking and high-tech as the innovations.

Beyond the wow factor, a 360-degree communications strategy ensured the event would create excitement near and far. Content created during the show was transmitted worldwide on the web and social networks.

From the start, the Hello Show was a spectacular forum for Orange to show off its latest offerings. It became an annual event as well as a creative challenge to produce a new scenography and communication strategy each year.

The fifth edition, in 2017, perfectly embodied the company’s people-centric philosophy, “Human Inside.” A chorus of singers and vocal percussionists created haunting abstract sounds against a black backdrop and light show. Broadcast live by Periscope, the show received 17,000 tweets and 215 million impressions.


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