TGV L'Océane Inauguration

December 2016 - Paris Toulouse Bordeaux


  • Grand Prix Stratégies du Digital 2017

Fast Track.

As SNCF prepared to launch L’Océane in 2016, its next-generation high-speed train with service between Paris and Bordeaux, the challenge was to make people dream about taking a train they hadn’t seen, and to create excitement around the voyage before L’Océane even hit the tracks.

The digital and participatory campaign took place in three stages, building up anticipation for this high-tech train and going from an imagined trip to the actual experience.

The teaser was an immersive, 2-minute, 360-degree film, a virtual train trip with a mix of real and 3D images from Paris to the Basque beaches, shown in stations on Cardboards and on social media 15 days before L’Océane’s inaugural ride. By giving its 1.5 million viewers a taste of the experience they would have in this fast, comfortable, completely wired train, the film sparked an emotional connection and a desire to ride it.

On 9th December the train was officially dedicated by Local elected officials and stakeholders with festivities in BDX et Toulouse.
Local artist have created a specific design to cover the power head signed in live.

On 11 December, L’Océane’s debut trip became a shared public experience thanks to the first multiplex Periscope for a French brand. TV anchorwoman Arianne Massenet was stationed in Bordeaux, discussing the adventure with SNCF personnel and 10 bloggers in six different sites. For an hour the participants offered information about the train, answered questions, shared their top regional addresses, all live—like an augmented TV show where 58 000 viewers interacted in real time.

Innovative and audacious, the campaign reached nearly 1.7 million people and launched L’Océane’s journey in style.


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