Havas Events is a people-driven business, a team of teams that imagines and creates unforgettable experiences for brands and institutions.

Our expertise allows us to work everywhere, in any territory or context:

– B2B and Internal: forums, travel, product launches, conventions, congresses, seminars, product reveals, galas and trade fairs.

– Influence and PR: Global summits, international conferences, forums, colloquiums, financial events, roadshows, press events and galas.

– General Public: sporting and cultural events, ceremonies, inaugurations, street marketing, shopping experiences.

We have far-ranging expertise and offerings in three specific domains.

havas events luxe

Havas Events Luxe : Luxury Alchemists


Luxury is an exceptional industry, combining artisanship with big business. It requires specialised communications from an agency with exacting standards, made-to-measure service and easy proximity.

At Havas Events Luxe, we are luxury alchemists. Our Atelier de Création, supported by talented people with a range of essential skills, makes for a passionate, motivated team that constantly strives for greatness.

Inspired by the excellence of luxury houses, by your heritage and potential, we reinterpret your uniqueness and make it shine. We apply our creativity, artistic direction and vast experience to achieve a subtle balance of drama and depth.

Knowing that emotion is the foundation of any event’s success, we spark an intangible yet unforgettable connection between your Houses and their public


Audemars & Piguet, TimeCrafters, Swarovski, Venue Managements of the Louvre Museum and the Louis Vuitton Fondation, Krug World Festival...

Case studies


Journées Particulières



Dom Pérignon

P2 2000 Presentation

play with havas events

Play With Havas Events takes advantage of the multiplying effect that social networks bring to events.


It is an agile, creative and connected service, using the urban setting and all points of consumer contact as a playground so that brands can enter people’s lives and share ideas and experiences while burnishing their image.

These are 360° events that stir emotions and create a lasting bond between brands and consumers, for sustainable growth.

Play With Havas Events puts entertainment in the street to create a buzz on social media and in the press. It blends performance with ROI : driving traffic, attracting new customers, generating earned media, collecting client data and so on.


Coca-Cola Just dance, Mademoiselle Rochas, Tiffany & Co, PayPal, Fanta, LG Signature, Cofidis...

Case studies


E-Mehari Launch




Perfume Launch

havas events intérêt général

People increasingly expect brands to act responsibly and for the public good. Havas Events Intérêt Général (General Interest) is a team of experts who are knowledgeable about brands, CSR and events.


Our profession is to imagine, bring to life and then highlight the value of innovative initiatives creating social value and collective enthusiasm:
– mobilising a maximum number of people around social causes
– increasing people’s awareness about issues and changing their behaviour
– preventing and educating people about risks
– demonstrating corporate social responsibility

These days, events are a tool for brands to express their social engagement in a public sphere. They unite teams, clients, government officials and associations around actions that convey meaning and values.

Specific fields of action

Road safety, health promotion (food hygiene, responsible consumption, disease prevention), environmental protection, internet use, gender equality, domestic risks, civic behaviour...

Case studies




#AIRATP Safety Instructions

AXA Prevention

Internet License

La France s'engage


havas events régie



The Havas Events On Site Management team manages the logistics and technical coordination of private events for both cultural institutions. Thanks to our expertise and skills, both have trusted Havas with this management task since 1989 for the Louvre and, since 2014 for the Louis Vuitton Foundation.


We work on more than 40 private events per year in these two prestigious locations, knowing that they are complex and unique institutions. We become the liaison between the various departments of the Louvre Museum and the Louis Vuitton Foundation, with event agencies and advertisers.


Our roles allow us to advise and frame projects so that each event can be an exceptional moment.


We are proud to participate and be a part of cultural influence of these two institutions.


In addition to our project management activity, we market and rent the spaces within the Louis Vuitton Foundation since 2016.