Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture


The aim of our Arts & Culture expertise is to imagine and produce activities with added cultural and artistic value.

Through our committed vision, we highlight the cultural sphere through artistic collaborations in the framework of CCR (Corporate Cultural Responsibility), a concept co-launched with Havas Paris. Creating encounters between players in the cultural world and companies to bring about shared reflection, collaborations and joint creation is the reason we exist. A single vision shared by and on behalf of our clients to take on board ideas of CSR, inclusion, diversity, freedom of speech, creativity, innovation and the positive transformation of our society.

The Art & Culture unit is enriched by a multi-disciplinary ecosystem, fostering brand communication and the content of events more specifically by providing special access and special venues of expression for artists of all kinds. Collaborations, workshops, shows, selections of artists and ambassadors, ephemeral or longer-term events, partnerships, patronage, a dedicated team works in all formats and on all aspects linked directly or indirectly to artistic and cultural issues.

Our Projects

On-Site Events Management

The Havas Events Paris On Site Management team manages the logistics and technical coordination of private events for both cultural institutions. Thanks to our expertise and skills, both have entrusted Havas with this management task since 1989, for the Louvre and since 2014, for the Louis Vuitton Foundation. We work on more than 40 private events a year in these two prestigious locations, fully aware that these are complex and truly unique institutions. We are the liaison between the various departments of the Louvre Museum and the Louis Vuitton Foundation with events agencies and advertisers.

Our roles allow us to advise and frame projects so that each event will be an exceptional experience. We are proud to participate and be a part of the cultural influence of these two institutions. In addition to our project management activity, we have been marketing and renting out spaces at the Louis Vuitton Foundation since 2016.