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We have Cultures in our heart

The culture of a major group, Havas, which guarantees our ability to respond to the challenges of large companies, while delivering high standards consultancy.
The culture of the companies which trust us. Indeed, we know how to enhance it, bring it to life while preserving its DNA.
The culture of the Audience. From our deep knowledge of audiences, we know how to create events that resonate with the expectations, tastes and habits for the best experience.
The culture of culture. As part of the Vivendi group, we have to make culture our priority. We share it, and we believe in its ability to mobilize all audiences.
The culture of the beauty of the idea that makes perfect sense. The kind which transforms the way we see the world and impacts the way we act.


Havas Events Paris is a people-driven business. We believe in human kindness, in the collective spirit of solidarity and in sharing in order to grow together.

Havas Events Paris brings together 80 talents producing some 200 events a year. We are a real Team of teams with a range of skills: Corporate, General Public, Digital, Luxury and Arts & Culture.

+60M€ in Revenues
+200 Productions
+80 Talents integrated


We integrate all events-related skills and talents (strategic planning, content, creation, technical aspects, production, logistics) and the various disciplines of the Havas Village (2500 people) to make every event come alive digitally, socially and internally through the media, PR and advertising. Havas Village, integrating all professions around communications.

We imagine and produce experiences that positively impact brand strategies and transform relationships between brands and people. Our experiences are creative, scenographic, high-tech, innovative, pressworthy and phygital. They may be internal, external or both at once. They are always unique and custom-made.

Paris, NYC, Shanghai, Milan, London, Mumbai, Lisbon, Prague, Warsaw, Kiev, Dubai, Riyad.

Havas Events Paris has the very best international network of event management expertise, covering sports marketing, corporate events, entertainment, street and retail.

Havas Events Paris is proud to be certified 20121 ISO.

Aware of the footprint generated by our activity and firmly committed to an environmental approach, at Havas Events Paris we have decided to orientate our activities to support sustainable development with 4 strategic challenges:

1. Promoting the principles of the circular economy, monitoring the use of resources and working to preserve the environment.

2. Promoting social inclusion and combating discrimination.

3. Committing to digital responsibility.

4. Reducing GHG emissions at our events and in our company.



Let’s talk about our Gender Equality Index. Havas Events Paris currently has a score of 94/100. Our agency supports the French government’s initiative to promote gender equality in companies.

The Havas group, the Havas Events Paris agency’s parent company, has set up a policy to monitor its performance in terms of gender equality, enabling its subsidiaries to pursue a continuous improvement approach with the aim of achieving a score of 100/100.

• Remuneration: average remuneration of women and men in a company (39 points)
• Comparative salary increases between women and men (35 points)
• Salary increase of women returning from maternity leave (15 points)
• Presence of women among the highest positions in the entity (5 points)


Employees’ health and safety is at the heart of the Havas Group’s policy.

The prevention of all forms of harassment in the workplace is governed by our internal regulations and the group’s code of ethics. A comprehensive system has been established involving an anti-harassment committee, a designated contact person, the occupational health department, the Equilibres listening unit, members of the Works Council and HR. A reporting platform and additional mandatory anti-harassment and discrimination training have been added to the system for all employees.

Havas must be a sanctuary; sexism, harassment and all other forms of discrimination have no part to play at Havas. Being meaningful also means ensuring that everyone feels safe, confident and free to be themselves. Therefore, no misbehavior can be tolerated in this area.

LÉVÉNEMENT is the French professional organization for event communication consulting, creation and production.

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