Le projet


With a new bottle design, new visual identity and new approach to communication, the brand that revolutionises fun is inviting young people to have fun and talk about their biggest fears throughout the month of October.

Teens haven’t been interested in Halloween for a few years now. It doesn’t scare them and they see it as an old-school American tradition. How can we save Halloween and help teens reconnect with this mythical celebration?

What teens are really scared of today is not witches but digital terrors (bad buzz, no likes, friend zone, no Wi-Fi…). Fanta has created the first campaign about the things that really give teens the creeps.



Fanta is making a splash by offering a highly immersive experience on the theme of young people’s fears in a house of 250 m2 at the heart of Paris.

In the basement is a real Escape Game designed specially for the occasion, a recreation of a hacker’s squat with an enigmatic atmosphere. Players are divided into teams and have to solve no less than 6 puzzles about things that frighten young people. On the ground floor is a common room where they can unwind, with Fanta drinks, video games, table football and the Fantomaton, where they can have their photo taken in a surprising way.

To help them prepare for their Halloween night out with their pals in a fun atmosphere, Fanta is inviting 400 teenagers to the most urban spot in Paris, the Citadium Caumartin, where they can find a costume to send shivers down their friends’ spines. There will be entertainment, masks, face-painting and a DJ set by The Geek x VRV.

42.8 M impressions in total
+7,500 cans distributed
24% engagement rate on Instagram
2,500 tweets with #Matrouillecest