Vivendi Talent Show

Le projet


The primary objective of the Vivendi Talent Show (VTS) is to empower and celebrate the talents among the Vivendi group staff, offering them a chance to be supported in their personal endeavors after the competition.

This Human Resources and Communication oriented project has two distinct secondary objectives:
Internally: increase the sense of pride and belonging among all Vivendi group staff,
Externally: enhance the desirability of the group and strengthen the employer brand.

From the intimacy of the family or friend circle to the stage of the Olympia, this first edition of VTS allowed numerous talents to present their projects to a professional jury and reveal their passion to all group teams.

The jury was chaired by Mercedes Erra and Antoine de Caunes.



The Havas Events team coordinated the entire competition in collaboration with Havas Paris People and Vivendi’s Communication Department. This involved building artistic categories, creating the visual identity (BrandBox Havas Paris), promoting the competition, selecting finalists, coaching them, and producing the final Show at the Olympia.


The competition was organized around seven artistic categories (Audiovisual & Cinema, Music, Photography, Digital Content, Writing, Plastic & Digital Arts, and Live Performance) open to the Vivendi Group staff (Vivendi, Havas, Groupe Canal+, Dailymotion, Gameloft, Prisma Media, Vivendi Village) in Metropolitan France.

The first edition’s Grand Finale took place on June 6, 2023, in the iconic Olympia Hall, gathering 1,800 guests. A raw scenography and a refined staging allowed the talents to shine through 14 performances.

Thomas Corver from StudioCanal won the first edition with his series project “Double” (Audiovisual & Cinema category).


120 applications, 14 finalists, 1 winner.
• Over 1,800 spectators during the finale, online and in the Olympia Hall.
• Over 1,500 views of the finale replay, 30 days after the event.
16 months of work for a multidisciplinary team of 14 members (Havas Events, Havas Paris People, Vivendi) who worked tirelessly on the organization of this project. Nearly 160 people contributed to the execution of the grand finale at the Olympia.