Le projet



Tim Burton is not a typical director, and our 2019 kickoff for Disney’s Dumbo in France was anything but a typical film launch. You might even say it flew above the rest.

The event, called “The World of Dumbo as seen by Tim Burton,” was a unique, interactive and immersive exhibition, free for the general public, that ran for five days prior to the film’s opening. It was conceived like a cabinet of curiosities around a circus ring and under a sparkling dome – our version of a big top. We held it at the perfectly named Éléphant Paname, a sumptuous Belle Epoque mansion in central Paris.



In a darkened room decorated like a circus tent, visitors came to admire three illuminated walls of stills, videos, sketches, iconic objects, costumes and more. The first wall showed images of Burton’s various films for Disney (Dumbo, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland), the second revealed the behind-the-scenes making of Dumbo, and the third was devoted to the new film itself. Both Tim Burton and actress Eva Green (who plays a trapeze artist in the film) visited the exhibition, meeting with French journalists and influencers alike.

This original take on a movie launch gave people a taste of the film, a glimpse into three different enchanted worlds, and a sudden desire to see elephants fly.