Le projet



Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE) is a company that does vital and innovative work, managing the high tension electricity network in metropolitan France and guaranteeing a power supply 24/7. The company intends to become Europe’s #1 network for electricity and digital technology.

But in the eyes of the general public, RTE’s role is complicated and confusing. Its activities are invisible. Many don’t even know it exists.



Six months was the timing to come up with an event that would make complex information accessible and bring it alive—to make the unseen tangible while explaining clearly and simply how innovative and indispensable RTE’s work is.

The result was an immersive, experiential, interactive and educational two-day event called “A voyage to the heart of tomorrow’s network.” Taking place in March 2017 at the Docks of Paris, it clearly demonstrated RTE’s activities to different audiences, including the press, partners, clients and influencers.

An actor served as guide, taking participants through six rooms with six different experiences, and describing in clear, compelling terms exactly what they were seeing. In each room, an awe-inspiring installation—a holographic theater, 3D mapping, a “forest” of video totems—illustrated a major innovation by RTE.

The event was a groundbreaking way to show that RTE is an innovative company and a network leading the way into the future. It sparked a conversation in person and on social media—and created a surge of interest in the brand, so that a national roadshow was organized in 10 different sites in France.

GOLD STRATÉGIES EVENT Communication Awards 2017