Dom Pérignon

Le projet


To celebrate its prestigious P2 2000 cuvée, Dom Pérignon teamed up with renowned chef Alain Ducasse for the second time. To make the most of this spectacular collaboration, the idea was to design an unforgettable event with top-notch media coverage through a three-step dining extravaganza in Hong Kong and in Beijing.

The event took place over two evenings at the Rech in Hong Kong and at the Chao in Beijing, hosting 40 journalists specialised in food and wine along with 30 VICs.

Light was the common theme for the event, which unfolded theatrically in stages. Each evening started in the dark with a solo tasting that put guests face-to-face with custom-made stone slabs. A soundtrack played the various sounds of Champagne production, from vineyard to cellar to glass, the light intensifying bit by bit to finish as a powerful, immersive glow.