Le projet


A pyro and drones show, in 2 different locations in Riyadh to celebrate the awarding of Riyadh city as the host of Expo 2030. A show created, prepared and produced within 2 months.



The election of a city to host a World Expo is always an opportunity for a grand celebration.

For Riyadh, the Royal Commission for Riyadh City enlisted Havas Events to conceive a city-scale show.

Our team gave a « carte blanche » to Christophe Berthonneau, artist and Groupe F founder, to envision a two-part masterpiece:

“The Cycle of the Light Forest”: a 6-minute show combining a choreography of 2200 drones (including 1000 pyro drones) and a pyrotechnic display across 14 towers in the KAFD district.

Building on this initial sequence, the Riyadh Expo 2030 logo was unveiled with the tagline “Riyadh, The world choice.” At that precise moment, nearly 10 km away, 6 towers, including the city’s 2 most iconic ones, burst into fireworks simultaneously, accompanied by another luminous creation from artist Christopher Bauder.

After this fantastic show, in the middle of the desertic Expo Site, we litted 197 beams to celebrate each participant nation.


The biggest show in the world showcasing flying pyro drones
– 2,300 drones
– 1,000 pyrotechnic drones flying simultaneously.
– 16,000 square meters of drone operating space (Equivalent to 1.5 football fields)

Giant size logo live reveal
– 1,500 drones to reveal Riyadh Expo 2030 logo
– 22,500 square meters frame.
– 11 millions viewers in 24h on X and Instagram (source: Brandwatch)

Fireworks in figures
– 22,000 fireworks monoshots launched in Riyadh’s sky
– 800 m high x 1 km large show frame in KAFD
– 14 towers roofs fireworks in total
– Along 10km from KAFD to Al Faisaliah Tower

Spectacular Artwork: First usage of the worldwide most advanced technology projectors in term of light intensity
– 557 moving lights on KT and Al Faisaliah
– 4 of the 5 available highest power lasers in the world (600 watts)