Le projet


After the increasing success of Orange’s in-house eloquence competition over the last 5 years, the aim this year was to organise the first inter-company eloquence competition. EDF, Sanofi and Vivendi agreed to take part in the challenge. The Olympia, a legendary venue, welcomed the 12 finalists and a jury of professionals (Anne Parillaud, César Ghrenassia, Youssef Swatt’s and Paul Taylor), with artistic dance and music interludes and over 700 people in attendance for an exceptional evening.



Inter-company final live and streamed directly on the Orange intranet with velotyping in FR and EN. At this eloquence competition, 12 finalists (3 per company) had the chance to speak on 6 separate set topics with for/against positions to defend:
9 pitches were in FR and 3 pitches in EN (subtitled via Ubiqus upstream and topped live).
3 candidates managed to come from abroad (Japan / Senegal / Egypt) to give their speech.
1 candidate (UK) gave his talk by video conferencing (WEBEX).
In honour of the candidates, a small cocktail party was held in the magnificent Billiards Room to round off the evening.
An artistic interlude entirely staged by Carmel Loanga in collaboration with our wonderful Talent Scout team, specially created for our event.
A band in charge of playing musical jingles live.

For this event, we put in place a complex set with a wireframe structure, cyclorama and LED wall, special lettering on the front of the Olympia on the big day, and a dedicated registration platform as well as an internal platform for Orange. Alongside this, we had a film made by HCLS to show on the screens at the entrance to the Olympia, as well as 14 short videos and 3 little films via Make it live. This event was entirely produced in collaboration with the Havas Paris People team, all in a challenging COVID climate!






For the second year running, Orange has asked us, along with Havas Paris, to organise the inter-company eloquence competition, bringing together Orange, EDF, Sanofi and Vivendi. Once again this year, the venue chosen was L’Olympia, because of the mythical nature of the stage and the sense of reality it offers participants. The challenge this year was to assemble the show in just one night and one day.

In order to meet the technical constraints (shortened set-up, venue requirements) and to reflect the subjects that the participants would be answering, we proposed a set design that was both simple and striking, full of details to bring the scene to life and make it majestic. Based around the light and the different times of day, the set evolves over the course of the evening, offering participants and spectators every stage of the day, from dusk to sunset.

The jury, made up of different personalities who are experts in their fields:
Claire Lasne-Darcueil
Zaia Ziouani
César Ghrenassia
Vincent Dedienne

Artistic interventions to punctuate the whole:
Musical transitions by Sly Johnson
A musical interlude by Faada Freddy and his choir

• 927 admissions recorded
• The feedback was very positive, including from Vincent Dedienne: “(…) I was very touched and very happy to listen to all these inspiring people, so human, so amazing. (…) A great success!