December 2016 - COP22 Marrakech


  • Top Com Corporate Business 2018

  • Grand Prix Stratégies de la Communication PR 2017

Planting a movement.

Prior to the COP22 Climate Change Conference in Morocco, it was apparent that African agriculture was not high on the agenda, even though it is affected by climate change and could be part of the solution. How to put this neglected issue—and Africa—at the centre of negotiations?

The idea was to create a communications campaign to turn the Adaptation of African Agriculture (AAA) initiative from a political undertaking into a movement.

It was a message from a connected Africa to the world. We filmed portraits of African farmers and broadcast them as a web series. An immersion stand at the conference depicted modern aspects of African agriculture. A hashtag, #WEAAARE, was featured at the stand. During COP 22, a dedicated AAA area was set, with :
– a connected wall related Twitter petition which was signed by 6,000 people, from VIPs to the general public.
– an innovative hologram immersion room that gave visitors the impression of standing side by side with Africa’s “agrimakers.”

The campaign sent three key messages: #weAAArepart of the solution, #weAAAre the potential, #weAAAre the technology. It took root on the web, on social media and even among diplomats, growing from a political initiative into a thriving movement.