AXA Prevention

Internet License

Since 2014 - School over France

Licensed to surf.

Like any major highway, the internet is a place to navigate with care. So France’s National Gendarmerie joined forces with AXA Prévention, a non-profit organisation for responsible behaviour, to teach 10-year-old students how to surf the internet safely.

The Gendarmes needed an educational tool when visiting schools that would motivate kids to recognise and avoid the risks of being online.

The idea was to create an “Internet Licence,” a teaching protocol to help children and their families act safely and responsibly when dealing with internet and its potential dangers.

The protocol starts when a Gendarme comes into class and presents the safety programme. Then the teachers take over, the parents play a role, and finally an awards ceremony takes place where children receive their Internet Licences in the presence of their parents, the press and local authorities.

First launched in 2014, the licence now covers all of France, teaching safe surfing to nearly 600,000 children and their families each year.
In 2017, the 1 000 000th internet license has been delivered.

• 20,000 classes trained each year
• 900,000 households reached so far
• More than 2,000 media mentions