Bon Sens Contre Sens

Talking sens to teens

2019 - Paris

Anybody who has spent time with a teenager knows that it’s hard to tell them what to do – and what not to do. It doesn’t take long for advice to sound like moralising, at which point teens just shut it out.

Prévention MAIF’s mission is to educate youth about risks on the road and elsewhere. The association wanted an original way to connect with adolescents and help them understand the dangers of mixing alcohol and drugs with motorbikes. We created an original campaign based on three things that teenagers love: thrilling sensations, competition and humour. We called it “Bon Sens Contre Sens” (“Right Way / Wrong Way”).

Volunteers went into middle- and high-school classrooms equipped with kits for 1.5 hour sessions. They started with a video starring the popular standup comedian Shirley Souagnon, who introduced herself as an ambassador for the campaign, taking classes through it step by step.

The students put on virtual reality headsets and experienced sensations – e.g. a rollercoaster ride – similar to being drunk or high. In another video, a doctor explained how drugs and alcohol alter behaviour and brain development. The kids experienced more VR joy rides, this time culminating in a collision between a scooter and an automobile. The teens could feel the fear and panic of an accident without having to actually live through it.

Finally, each class created its own quiz based on the lessons learned, and was asked to share it with as many peers as possible, making the students co-creators and messengers of this crucial lesson. The class that shared its quiz the most times won a trip to Paris to see Souagnon perform. It worked: the winning quiz was seen by more than 60,000 people.



Campaign conducted in 14 French departments

The campaign reached 15,000+ kids

The winning quiz seen by 60,000+ people