Oppo Calling

2019 - Paris

The Chinese smartphone brand Oppo made the right connection when it chose Paris for the European launch of its Oppo Find X. Together, we created an event worth phoning home about with a stellar location at the Louvre Museum, a powerful symbol of France.


Our permanent teams in Shanghai, Paris and at the Louvre worked hand-in-hand in the months leading up to the event and in real time during it. As a result of this close collaboration, we provided a major international brand with a launch as seamless as the product in question: the world’s first panoramic full-screen phone.

It is no small feat to create a buzz in an extremely active smartphone market, where new product launches take place all the time. And yet we managed to get people talking about a company that was little-known outside China, while keeping details of the Find X on mute until the moment of the event.


Finally, on the evening of 19 June 2018, on a specially built stage underneath the Louvre’s glass pyramid, the company’s vice president revealed the Oppo Find X to a select audience of press, influencers and partners. The high-tech nature of the launch, including an amazing 3D laser light show reflected in the pyramid, echoed the cutting-edge technology of the smartphone. An enormous high resolution screen served up an awesome demonstration of features, from 3D facial recognition technology to Omoji.


The event was broadcast live on OPPO’s official site and Facebook page, and live-tweeted with the hashtag #OppoFindX. In this way, from the heart of Paris, we tapped into a global network and made sure that the call reached its destination – everywhere on the planet.