The Big Leap

August 2016 - Paris

The Big Leap.

Gone are the days of choosing between cash or credit cards. We have more ways of paying for things than ever before, and our options are constantly expanding.

PayPal, a pioneer in digital payments, needed a way to stand out in this crowded field among consumers aged 20 to 40. The company had to find a fun, simple way to help young people understand its benefits and choose it as their preferred payment option.

PayPal established a cashless payment system during the music festival Rock en Seine, a perfect opportunity to increase its visibility among this target audience.

During the festival, the idea was to create a highly visible and viral experience demonstrating PayPal’s advantages in a unique, exhilarating way. People were invited to literally make a leap, to free jump 3 or 6 metres from a metal platform to a big, soft cushion below. It was a sensation akin to jumping to a cashless system, prepaying their activities and partying without worry. With PayPal, they could “Pay Faster, Rock Harder.”

The event offered three different ways to reach the public. First, the very real physical sense of freedom that comes from taking a leap into the air. Then the viral buzz, the PayPal Big Leap caught on video and shared on social media. And finally, the educational aspect, with staff on hand to discuss PayPal and answer people’s questions.

It was an unforgettable way for people to experience the advantages of PayPal: letting go, feeling secure and as free as a bird.


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